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#your faves literally could NEVER #so many white pop artists say shit like ‘im one of the boys’ #’im not a feminist’ blahblahblah #and look @ this woman #standing proudly infront of the word FEMINIST in capital letters on tv like #BEYONCE IS A GOD (via oryxs)


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3 Big IndieGoGo Updates!

1. Mars goes in for surgery tomorrow!
She’s going to get all her teeth pulled, and also a lump (which we hope is just a cyst @ m @;;) removed from her chest. The vet has been nice enough to only charge for the removal of the lump, not the diagnosis if it seems to be something more than a cyst!
We were only able to get her into surgery so soon because of all the contributions to our IndieGoGo, so we’re extraordinarily grateful! The vet will be putting us on a payment plan so long as we can pay for the first half right away, which we now can! I will be adding updates as she recovers.

2. Shy’s medical updates.
My gallbladder is malfunctioning, so surgery is inevitable. Now it’s just trying to figure out how soon that might be. Apparently, we caught it in the early stages (not that it’s felt like “early stages”, thought I was dying @ n @), so I’m seeing a specialist to try and decide when to go through with removal. Also, I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This explains a lot of problems I’ve had throughout my life, so it’s a relief to have the some answers (and meds!!). Now it’s just up to meds and saving up for surgery!

3. The roof is finally scheduled to be fixed! We wouldn’t have been able to manage the downpayment for the work if not for the campaign, and without the downpayment we couldn’t have scheduled the repairs. This upcoming monday, the roof will finally be repaired!

Thanks again to every single one of you who’s contributed and reblogged/retweeted the IGG. We will starting to send out the perks next week!

I’m really happy you guys are getting back on your feet and things seem to be looking up. <3

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this happens to me every single time i am sick to death of seeing the same thing

why are you reblogging this oh god please don’t

Because you’re right


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Dmitriy Zakharov tattoo

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…Near the village of Braachaat, outside Antwerp, Belgium. The last photo shows a grotto-like cave under the mansion that may have been used as a bar in the past.

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Frederic Leighton, Elijah in the Wilderness (detail)


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Martyr by Tom Bagshaw

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